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A winning digital transformation strategy begins by articulating a clear roadmap.
BentoHR applies a proven framework that:
  • Identifies your organization’s most-pressing opportunities.

  • Engages key stakeholders to ensure their contributions, participation & support. 

  • Reviews relevant financial, operational and people technologies, processes & data.

  • Illuminates & stack ranks your organization’s highest-leverage activities. 

  • Delivers immediate & tangible clarity about the path toward your digital future.


We are a people-first consultancy that combines expertise in business strategy, technology and human resources. We connect the dots that others don’t. Our award-winning team members have a proven track record of architecting, leading and deploying digital transformation initiatives.

We work at the forefront of management theory advocating for the rise of HR as a Profit Center. We believe that an organization’s most valuable–and least leveraged– asset is its people. By aligning your organization’s strategy, technology and human resources, you can revive stalled digital projects, accelerate completion of your other priorities, and unlock meaningful financial, operational and cultural benefits.

What to expect

Our 4-week Discovery process is a critical first step articulating your business’s most pressing challenges. Our experts gather information across the organization in an objective, unbiased, exploration exercise. We perform a comprehensive review to assess the most optimally aligned financial, operational and human resources strategies. 


We identify your organization’s highest-leverage activities; pairing them with succinct, tangible, and fully-costed business cases that illuminate the path forward.

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