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case study 

Determined the technology, processes and practices necessary for a successful merger of three financial services organizations.


  • Key Stakeholder Alignment

  • HR Technology Selection and Implementation

  • Process Mapping and Reengineering

  • Role, Program and Policy Development

  • Change Management


Aviso Wealth was created in March 2018; the merger of three (3) successful financial

organizations; totaling $70 billion in assets under administration and management. We were commissioned by Senior Management to review the organizations’ current payroll technologies, and recommended a new harmonized solution that afforded flexibility for future integrations. We supported its implementation with the mapping and redesign of thirteen (13) payroll processes with implications for nearly 1,000 employees.

We later supported the organization as they defined hybrid work, developing a role-specific flexibility matrix that determined the percentage of their time spent working in an office. We also tendered and delivered a shortlist of space management software solutions, supported their implementation, and participated in the development of an organizational playbook that informed operating standards, practices and procedures.


Our work helped Aviso Wealth senior leadership define their desired future state, completing a successful merger of three (3) financial institutions.


The organization successfully transitioned to hybrid work with our help defining, aligning and implementing technology, roles and processes.

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