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case study 

Providing the insights and technologies to drive employee total rewards engagement for one of Washington's largest employers. 


  • Retirement best practices discovery and audit

  • Process Mapping

  • Custom technology development

  • Change management


Enrollment in Providence healthcare’s retirement programs was significantly below industry norms. BentoHR engaged in a discovery to uncover the factors that were blocking deeper engagement with the company's 100K+ employees.


During a four week period, we interviewed plan administrators, sample employees, and executives to illuminate the specific struggles experienced within the enterprise. These insights were coupled with BentoHR’s proprietary expertise on benefits management and compiled into an action plan.


This opening discovery provided the framework for what would become a multi-year road map for digital transformation.

Bento activities included:


  • Built custom HR benefits platform linking multiple payroll and retirement platforms across employee community

  • Defined enrollment best-practices and implemented communication plan

  • Resulted in a 70% increase in benefits enrollment

case studies

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