We help you accelerate value creation in technology, operations, & human capital.

  • Digital Transformation

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Technology Selection & Implementation

  • Employee Experience

  • Private Equity

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From its origins in Ballard, Washington, to a global team with expertise across industry, BentoHR helps you accelerate value creation in your business.




From analytics to emerging technologies, take a digital-first approach to your organization’s future. Our platform and services combine digital technologies and capabilities tailored to your strategy. 

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Human Capital

Employees drive your organization's success. Investment in human capital allows you to ensure engagement, productivity and workforce stability.

Who is this for?

Organizations where talent is the competitive advantage and/or a critical dependency.


How it's done

With our proprietary PHASE framework, we'll gain a deep understanding of your organization and its highest points of leverage.


Key Activities

  • Organizational Talent Review

  • Succession Planning (Key Roles)

  • Organizational Design

  • Employee Experience Journey Mapping

  • Executive Coaching


case studies

Explore our successful digital transformations with some of the world’s leading brands.

case study 

Restructured Walmart Canada’s retail operations to emphasize their grocery and omnichannel businesses.


  • Operating Model Reinvention

  • Organizational Design

  • Process Mapping and Reengineering

  • Program and Policy Development

  • Change Management


Combining expertise in business strategy, technology and human capital, Bento delivers end-to-end digital initiatives with PHASE - our proven end-to-end transformation framework.


Split into five stages, PHASE helps you define, design and deploy digital initiatives that leverage the latest innovative thinking, proven change methodologies, and the right coaching to ensure sustained success.

Mission, vision, and values. Why do we do what we do?

We gather the data that allows your company to evaluate an initiative’s success. Working with key stakeholders to define your desired future state.


Hybrid disciplines






Innovative thinking, expert analysis and the latest trends for leaders facing today’s business challenges.

Employee Lifetime Value

Case Study

2022 Work Trends

Quantifying the return on internal organizational investments is challenging. 

Employee Lifetime Value provides a framework for productive, quantitative discussions that make the business case for digital transformations.

How we architected JYSK’s first digital Human Resources strategy, realizing record revenue growth, and lower employee turnover, while ensuring alignment between strategy, technologies and people.

As organizations architect future digital transformations, the opportunity to reimagine work holds considerable promise for a better future. The following are 10 trends that we expect to see.

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